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BD3300 Plus Professional Electronic Portable Breast Pump

Our R&D department always focus his studies on the full understanding of mother’s and baby’s needs.

Our innovative BD3300 Plus electronic breast pump has been created through a winning combination of key factors:

• Expertise
• Innovation
• Professionalism

We care for your baby’s health, who can enjoy the bene ts of breast milk, while you are working or just having some comfortable time that can make breastfeeding a bit easier.

Our new breast pump gives you the full support you need during breastfeeding time
It is perfect solution for breastfeeding mums. 

  • Safe designed for your comfort

  • Fast - 380mmHg of suction power for a gentle and efficient suction 

  • Comfortable - 2 different suction levels for the comfort of the mum

  • Massage function

  • Universal - it works with any bottles

  • Charging time: 5-6 hours

  • Rated voltage: 110~120 / 220 ~ 240 V

  • Charger: DC4.2V, 1000mA, 60Hz

  • Suction power: 160~240mmHg

  • Rechargeable battery: Li lon 600MAH

BD3366 Manual Breast Pump


  • Made for all that wish to breast feeding their children

  • Product easy and safe to use:
    materials according to law standards and certi ed BPA Free

  • Rotating handle (up to about 100 degrees on its axis)
    in order to guarantee the maximum comfort  

BD 3200 Multi-Function Bottle Warmer

  • Easy to operate safe and clean

  • Accessories include feeding bowl measuring cup

  • High quality thermostat for better constant temperature 

  • Light indicator 

  • 3 in 1 

     -Keeping milk bottles 

     -Food warmer

     -Heating up food or milk bottles 

BD3210 bottle warmer for car and home use

  • Easy to operate

  • Accessories include feeding bowl & measuring cup

  • High quality thermostat for batter constant temperature

  • Indicator light shows home or car use

  • 3-in 1

     -Keeping milk bottles 

     -Food warmer

     -Heating up food or milk bottles 

BD3288 - Bottle warmer for car and home use

  • Easy to operate, safe and clean

  • Sterilizer function 

  • Digital display back light

  • Indicator light shows home or car use

  • 3-in 1
    -Bottle warmer
    -Food jar warmer
    -Bottle sterilizer 

Bd 3266 Digital Bottle Warmer


• Easy to operate, safe and clean
• Digital LED display clearly indicating the temperature
• Touch screen button
• High quality thermostat for constant temperature control • Suitable for all bottles and jars
• Accessories include jar basket & bottle basket
• Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 100W 

BD 3240 Microwave Bottle Sterilizer 5 Bottles

  • Environment-friendly,

  • Energy-saving

  • Sterilize up to 5 bottles (240ml) and their accessories

  • Side grips for a secure lid closure

  • Approx. 28cm diameter, 18cm height

BD3250 Electric Bottle Steam Sterilizer 6 Bottles

  • ​Sterilize up to 6 bottles.

  • Fast sterilization 6 minutes cycle

  • Content remains sterilized for next 3 hours if lid kept closed

  • Plastic tong enclosed 

  • With voice reminder after sterilization.

  • Auto shut-down after program.

BD3277 Pacifier UV Sanitizer

  • Few minutes to kill germs & bacteria up to 99.9%

  • Long life UV light

  • Safe and portable design

  • Suitable for pacifier and bottle’s teats

  • The sterilization takes just 2 minutes

  • Operate by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

BD3255 Bottle Brush

 • With Suction Base 
 • With nipple brush stored in the handle 

BD3570 Baby Food Processor

  • Steamer blender for baby food preparation

  • Digital operating system with LCD display

  • 300 ml capacity jar

  • 150 ml water tank

  • Food basket included

  • Touch screen button

  • Easy to operate, clean and assembly

BD3512 Baby food dispensing spoon

  • Cute carrot design

  • Baby blended food capacity 90g

  • Easy to squeeze and feed your baby instantly

  • Safe spoon construction to prevent sudden swallowing

  • First baby food anytime/anywhere

  • Quick to dismantle/easy to clean

BD3513 Baby first meal set

  • Set of 1 bowl + 1 cover + 1 spoon

  • Easy to grip handle on bowl and spoon

  • Spoon compartment

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or with boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Anti-slip base

BD3514 Baby weaning set 6+ months

  • Non-slip grip to handle bowl and spoon

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Non-slip base hot plate with hot water tank

  • Dish with 2 compartments including fork and spoon

  • Trainer cup with hard spout

  • BPA free

BD3515 Milk powder container

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  • 3 Hermeticly locked compartments

BD3516 Straw Cup

  • Non-slip and easy to grip handle

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Rotatable Hygienic cover

  • Soft material handle

  • Silicone straw

  • Measurements on bottle in OZ. and ML

  • BPA free

BD3517 Trainer Cup

  • Non-slip and easy grip handle

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  • BPA free

BD3511 Bloom bottle drying rack

  • Can dry up to 12 bottles, 6 nipples/lids, 4 spoons in one time 

  • Can be used with all baby plastic accessories (cups, jars, spoons etc)

  • Foldable and easy to storage

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Dishwashing save

BD3518 Temperature Sensitive Spoon

  • Soft tip to protect baby's gums

  • Long handle for parent to feed child easier

  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free

  • Spoon changes color when food is over 40 degrees celcius. So the parent can check if the temperature is right for the baby

BD3530 Nutritional Feeder Set

  • Helps the baby to start eating on its own and at the same time avoids the risk of ingesting large pieces of food

  • Can be used with all food: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and bisquittes, just cut the food into small pieces and place them in the net

  • Hygienic and safe to use, the net is made of high quality food grade nylon

  • Includes a silicon teether, ideal to relieve the child from the discomfort of irritating gums during the stage of teeth growth

  • Soft handle

  • High quality food grade nylon

  • BPA free

BD3531 High grade refill nylon net

  • Can be sterilized in microwave or boiled water

  • Dishwasher safe

  •  4 pcs 

BD3540 Silicone Collapsible Multi Purpose Container

  • ​The food container take up very little space in the pantry or bag. 

  • They are made of non-toxic and heat-resistant silicone and come with a clear polypropylene snap lid with hermetic closure. 

  • They can be used in the microwave oven (+230°) with the relief valve open or without the lid. 

  • Suitable for use in fridge and freezer (-40°).

BD3370 Electric Mucous Mini Aspirator

  • Quick – only a few seconds are needed to cleanout the baby nose

  • Safe – non-invasive operation

  • Suction cup can be sterilized in boiled water

  • Charging time: 5-6 hours

  • Rated voltage: 110-120 / 220-240V

  • Rechargeable battery: LiFe P04

BD5008 Ladybug Compact Compressor Nebulizer

  • Compressor: Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump

  • Power Feeding: 230V-50Hz - other configurations on request

  • Power consumption: 20W

  • Max pressure: 2.0 bar / 29.0 psi / 200 kPa   

  • Operating Pressure: 1.0 bar / 14.5 psi / 100 kPa

  • Max Air Flow: 8.0 l/min

  • Operating Air Flow: 6.5 l/min

  • Mass Median Aerodinamic Diameter (MMAD) according to EN-13544-1: 2.44 μm

  • Noise Level (EN 13544-1 Standard) Approx. 48 dBA

   Accessories set included:

  • Pediatric mask x1

  • Angled mouthpiece x1

  • Atomizer x1

  • Tube 1.5m long

  • 2 Filters set x1

BD1130 Baby Digital Thermometer – 4 characters

  • Flexible tips

  • Waterproof

  • Standard 60 seconds reading

  • Beeper

  • Fever alarm

  • °C/°F measurements unit

  • Memory of the last measurement

BD7680 Baby Ultrasonic Humidi er

  • Perfect for a child’s room

  • Removable water tank for easy lling and carrying

  • The indicator light is in red when the water tank is empty ·

  • Water capacity: 2.5L

  • Evaporating rate: >260ml/h

  • Low power consumption: 23W

  • Power supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz 

BD3600 Electronic Lice Comb

  • Simple combing frees hair from head lice and nits

  • No side effects and chemical free

  • The lice are destroyed by an electrical current upon contact with the teeth of the comb

  • Use on dry hair

  • Suitable for children from 3 years plus

  • Includes 1 AA alkaline battery

BD7760 Electronic Baby Scale

  • Weight comparison before and after milk feeding

  • Memory key setting

  • Ultra slim with concave platform

  • Matt surface to prevent baby from slipping

  • Non-toxic ABS material

  • Extremely high precision performance with a minimum of +/-0.005kg to a maximum +/-0.015kg at 10-18kgs range (tolerance less than 0.1%)

  • Convert kilogram, ounce and pounds

  • LCD display: 69x32.5mm

  • Auto power off

  • Low battery indicator

  • Capacity: 0.02-18kgs / 1oz-40lbs

  • Graduation: 5g/0.25oz

  • Power by 2xAA battery

  • Unit size: 540x345x57mm

BD3000 Digital Baby Monitor

  • Parent and baby units

  • 36 different channels

  • Indication on parent unit when device is out of range

  • Portable device

  • LED indicator (power/signal strength)

  • Max range 400m

  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz

  • Volume control

  • Talk function of the parent unit

  • Power by batteries 3xAAA per unit (not included) or 2 AC switch adaptors (not included)

  • Auto Pair mode

  • Sensitivity Mode

BD3150 Safety Home Kit

 • Set of 22 pieces:

- 2 x cute clamp stopper (in dog & frog shape)
- 4 x multi-purpose latch
- 4 x standard cabinet door close
- 4 x corner cushion rectangle 

- 4 x corner cushion round

- 4 x angle lock


  • No tools needed

  • Essential pack for all family home

  • Minimize hazard at home

BD3180 Baby Night Light

  • Simple On/Off Switch

  • Illuminate in rainbow changing color

  • Soothing light

  • Safe: can be used in Baby's bedroom or hold by baby

  • No wires can be put anywhere

  • Double set of batteries enclosed

BD3170 Baby Bath and Room Thermometer

  • Uniquely designed in the iconic shape of star

  •  Floats in water - fun and easy to use

  •  Fast temperature reading – suitable for measuring the    

   temperature of baby’s bath and room

  •  In water mode - the red LED light up when the water is   

   too hot and the green flash when is too cool

  •  In room mode – room temperature checked

   every 10 seconds

  •  Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes 

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